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Talkeetna, Alaska – Your tourism destination hub for 2022

March 29, 2022

March 28, 2022 – It’s difficult to believe that we made it through another winter so quickly and yet so slowly…

I am excited to see our days getting longer and the rising temperatures with each week!  It seems like I just experienced our first winter snow, yet that was 5 months ago already.  We got hammered with around 5 feet at our last 2 bug snowfalls around the end of February.  It is the waiting for this incredible mass of snow to disappear under the warm temps and bright rays of sun that really makes the winter drag on in my mind.

I built a snow saw out of a long pipe and and old hand saw this year to trim away the 3-5 feet of glacier that is creeping over the edge of my carport. The glacier is now only about 36 inches thick but was closer to 5 feet.  It’s exhilarating to cut through this thing and watch a few thousand pound of snow and ice calve from the carport overhang.  It has been falling all at once and it is 40 feet long.  WOW!

While the snow is still here, so are the visitors.  We have happily been open since early March and hosted some great people thus-far.  Between the Oosik Ski Race and the Trio Fat Tire Bike Race weekends, tour buses, and summer workers, Talkeetna has had quite the influx of visitors already in 2022.  We hope that you will join them and us for the upcoming summer season!

So much to do in Alaska during the spring/summer months and Talkeetna is a terrific place to set a home-base, especially here at Talkeetna Love-Lee Cabins.  Besides being nearly halfway in-between Anchorage and Denali Park, Talkeetna is host to a lot of different activities.  Ziplining, flight seeing, jet boat river tours, and ATV tours are some of the more intense activities you can find here.  Guided fishing, bike rentals, local hikes, shops & restaurants can help pass the day a little more relaxed.  Everything along the road system you would want to see and experience is within a couple of hours’ drive for a great day-trip where you don’t have to repack your things and change accommodations.

So if you’re looking for a room for each day but not a new front desk, BOOK HERE. We’d love to help you maximize your summer with great lodging in Talkeetna.