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Local Activities

Things To Do in Talkeetna

We are at Mile 11.7 on the Talkeetna Spur Road and the corner of Love-Lee Lane. That’s pretty close to everything. There is a paved bike path that runs the entire length of the Spur Road.We are close to many great walking-distance activities: trails, lakes, Denali and Alaska Range viewing, Flying Squirrel Bakery & Cafe, Talkeetna Alaska Lodge Dining, and more.

Take a fun day Downtown looking at all the fantastic eclectic and interesting shops, bars & restaurants. There is certainly lots to do and see on any day, in any conditions.

Talkeetna is Native Athabaskan meaning “where three rivers meet”. It sits at the confluence of the Talkeetna, Chulitna and Little Susitna Rivers which make up the Big Susitna River. The Big Su moves the third largest volume of water in North America.

  • checkmark Flight Seeing Explore the top of North America with a flight seeing tour from one of our several flight seeing operators located 2 miles from our property.
  • checkmark Canopy Zip Line Yes, even a small place like Talkeetna has some amazing zip-line activities through beautiful country. 3 Hour Tour.
  • checkmark Riverboat Adventures Take a jet boat ride with all your friends up the river in these high-performance tour boats. Many different sightseeing and adventure options available.
  • checkmark Fishing Always wanted to go out with a real Alaskan fishing guide? We have many different guides and vendors to choose from.
  • checkmark Arts We have Art galleries, Wildlife art galleries, Denali Arts Council who can satiate your need to view, appreciate or collect locally produced art. There is also a live stage theater with many productions happening throughout the year.
  • checkmark Live music Whether at the Denali Fairview Inn, Denali Arts Sheldon Hangar, or one of the local eateries, Talkeetna is a town bursting at the seams with world class and sometimes not-so-world-class music. If you like live music, Talkeetna has it.
  • checkmark ATV tours Take a ride through the trails or out to the Petersville area with one of our local ATV guide services.
  • checkmark Much, much more! Plus if you are heading to Denali from here, we have lots of tips and suggestions to keep you busy and preoccupied during that part of your trip too!