The Love-Lee Cabins Story

In summer of 2015, I opened Talkeetna Love-Lee Cabins (TLC) as more than a means to independence. It’s been a 4 year “Labor of Love” in the making and I did it because I like people. I learned years ago while working for Big-Box tour companies when I first moved to Alaska in 2001, that people don’t always get the star treatment they deserve as individuals. Often they are treated as a small piece of a very large group. Getting “processed” down a tourism assembly line isn’t what I believe that people save up for all of their lives to experience on the trip of a lifetime. I believe that you take the trip of a lifetime to gather experiences you’ll never want to forget for the rest of your life. That is what I want to help you achieve here at TLC.

These days, I am an electrician and I travel all over Alaska throughout the year to come home and spend my hard-earned paycheck on construction materials to build some of the most comfortable and pleasant cabins I can think to offer to good people on a great vacation. I have given careful thought to selecting high-end plumbing fixtures and jetted tubs (with furnished bath salts), comfortable hotel-quality beds and linens, furnished kitchens, and streaming Roku television on large HD flat screen TVs. That’s what my cabins are about.

As far as service is concerned, I offer a gas BBQ grill station and campfire area where guests can gather around on a nice evening and have a great visit and mingle with other guests, myself or my manager Johnny. By the way, Johnny’s great. You’ll love him, trust me. We offer the ability to book many of the local tours right from TLC so you don’t have to run around trying to find out what’s available. We also love to offer suggestions on all of the little-known things to see and do that most visitors really don’t get a chance to experience because they’re busy trying to fill their time finding a scheduled time to get “slotted into” somewhere.

I’m here for you. So is Johnny. We already like you, so come let us offer you some TLC at Talkeetna Love-Lee Cabins. I look forward to offering you the best stay in AK.

Kind Regards,
Rodney Hughey, Owner
The Whole Enchilada, LLC
Talkeetna Love-Lee Cabins